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Opening Ceremony: Welcome & Introduction to Keynote

9:15 – 10:00am

Keynote: Debra Suarez, Ph.D, MBA

10:00 – 11:00am

Concurrent Live Sessions 1

11:15 – 12:15pm

Concurrent Sessions 2

12:30– 1:10pm

Exhibitor Hall and Social Hour

1:15 – 2:15pm

Concurrent Sessions 3

2:30 – 3:30pm

Concurrent Sessions 4

3:30– 4:00pm

Closing Ceremony

See the full schedule below for our live sessions occurring on the day of the conference. Some presenters have provided brief videos for their sessions in the hyperlinks below.

Live Session 1


Live Session 2


Exhibitor Hall and Social Hour


Live Session 3

1:15 – 2:15

Live Session 4

2:30 – 3:30 

Exhibitor Presentation

U.S. Department of State English Language Programs

Exhibitor Presentation

ESL Library

Exhibitor Virtual Booths

Exhibitor Presentation

Burlington English

Exhibitor Presentation

Cambridge University Press 

Live session: discussion Sarah Knowles,Sasha Plotnikov

Should You YouTube? Examining the Usefulness of TESOL You-Tubers and Influencers

Adult education, Higher education, Teacher training, NNESTs, Technology

Live session: practice-oriented presentation

Dr. Heather Weger

Becoming an Argumentative Writer: Seven Steps toward Effective Paraphrasing in Research-based Writing

Higher education

K-12 SIG Discussion

Live session: practice-oriented presentation

Darlene Fahrenkrug: What's That All About? Developing Summarizing Skills in Adult Learners

Adult education, Higher education, Teacher training, Technology 

Live session: Discussion

Celebrating 50 years - A Conversation with WATESOL’s Past Presidents, Heather Tatton-Harris, Brock Brady, Caralyn Bushey, Jodi Crandall, Karen Taylor, Betsy Lindeman Wong & Melissa Zervos

Live session practice-oriented Presentation

Leslie Fink, Mathilda Reckford, Jamie Morgan

Speaking Assessment for Young Language Learners: Effective Classroom Practices

K-12 education, Assessment 

Live session: research-oriented presentation

Amy Sleep

Developing Language Awareness: 4 Language Learners’ Engagement with English While Translating a Poem

Higher education

Adult Ed SIG Discussion

Live session: Practice-oriented Presentation

Dr. Andy Halvorsen 

Revising the National English Language Curriculum in Pakistan

Curriculum/Materials development

Live Session: Workshop

Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, Lori Howard, Sylvia Ramirez

Yes We Can! Transferring Face-to-Face Strategies to Remote Instruction

Adult education, Technology

Live session: practice-oriented Presentation

Hye Young Shin, Sehyun Yun, Michelle Jang: Backward design lesson planning: Setting up the learning goals through Can-Do statements for 21st century learners

K-12 education, Assessment, Curriculum/Materials development

Higher Ed SIG Discussion

Live session: practice-oriented presentation

Brock Brady: Differentiation in Low-Resource, EFL Classrooms: A Bridge Too Far? 

K-12 education, Teacher training, Curriculum/Materials development 

Live session practice-oriented presentation

Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Donette Brantner-Artenie

From A to Zoom and Beyond: Supporting Students’ Well-being during 

the Coronavirus Pandemic

Adult education, Higher education, Teacher training

Live session: practice-oriented presentation

Dr. Kathleen A. Ramos, Dr. Sujin Kim, Hyunsun Chung, and Sungshim Choi

Developing Critical Literacy and Multiliteracies Pedagogy with EFL/ESL Teachers

K-12 education, Higher education, Teacher training

Invited Panel: Advocacy

Supporting English Language Learners with Trauma, Polina Vinogradova, Bill Clarke, Lindsey Crifasi & Claudia Esteve

Advocacy Discussion

Live session: practice-oriented presentation

Helaine W. Marshall

Fostering Teaching Presence through the Synchronous Online Flipped Learning Approach - SOFLA


Exhibitor Presentation


Lee Shainis

Fostering Judgment-Free Zones and Interesting Cultural Conversations that Fuel Mutual Learning and Accelerate Language Acquisition

Adult education, Teacher training, NNESTs

Live session: practice-oriented presentation

Amanda Bradford:Meeting Chinese learners’ Psychological Needs During Remote Instruction

Higher education

Live Session: Workshop

Jennifer Hine, Lauren Hill and Kim Jones

Engaging English Learners in Distance Learning: Tools and Techniques

K-12 education

NNEST Discussion

Live session -  Practice-oriented Presentation

Nancy A. Overman: New Strategies for Teaching Phrasal Verbs

Adult education, Higher education, Curriculum/Materials development

‘Overflow’ Chat Room

‘Overflow’ Chat Room

‘Overflow’ Chat Room

‘Overflow’ Chat Room

‘Overflow’ Chat Room


Part of our modified content this year also includes pre-recorded sessions. These session will be made available on our learning management system to registered individuals.

Video teasers of these sessions are available below:

Greer P. Mancuso: Teachers who work with ELs who have had interrupted schooling: A Collaborative Action Research study 

K-12 education

Dmitri Stanchevici: Class Discussion Boards as a Significant Source of Knowledge in an Online EAP Course

Higher education, Curriculum/Materials development

Melissa Hauke: Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE) Can Read 

K-12 education, Adult education

Carlye Stevens: The Affordances of Grammarly as a Tool for English Language Teaching and Learning

K-12 education, Adult education, Higher education, Technology

Shweta Mishra: Discussing Issues in the Superior Girl-Student Narrative in South Asia 


Emma L Harries: Strategies to help Mandarin L1 speakers avoid common academic writing and pragmatic errors.

Adult education, Higher education, Teacher training

Mazen Alyobi The Role of Social Media Platforms in Enhancing Writing Skills for Saudi ESL Students

Bilingual education, Technology

Zijun Qin How Language Attitudes Towards Linguistic Varieties and Teachers Expectation Impact English Teachers Experience in China 

Teacher training, NNESTs (Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers)

Ching-Ching Lin: Navigating TESOL Classrooms into the Future with Telecollaboration: TESOL Candidates’ Perspectives

K-12 education, Teacher training, Technology

Elizabeth Pandya Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Cycles: Flipped Classes to Maximize Live instructional Time K-12

Siqi Song Incorporating moral education in online EFL class

Higher Education

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