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Spring 2021

 Higher Ed SIG 2021 PLC - Spring 2021

The 7 Terms and Conditions of a Robust Learning-Centered Community

This professional learning circle (PLC), which is primarily designed for (but not limited to) the members of Higher Ed SIG at WATESOL, invites WATESOL members to explore together how to create robust learning-centered communities with the ultimate goal of reimagining learning. The conceptual framework for this 5-session webinar series is the seven attainable ISTE Standards for Educators. The Higher Ed SIG co-chairs will guide participants through the role of creativity, diversity, and technology in teaching and learning. 

By attending some or all the available sessions, participants will -

  • Understand the ISTE standards

  • Explore the potentials of the 21st century learner 

  • Reflect on their current teaching practices

  • Identify relevant strategies for delivering content

  • Discuss how they might apply new concepts to tweak their teaching practices 

The 7 Terms and Conditions of a Robust Learning-Centered Community will be discussed in 5 sessions. During the sessions, participants will use Pear Deck (Google Slides) to interact with each other. Each meeting will consist of a lecture-based introduction of each concept with examples, sample assignments and discussions. 

The Higher Ed SIG Co-chairs also offer a follow-up session for each meeting as well. These optional follow-up sessions will allow participants to collaborate and share thoughts or specific plans with regard to how they would implement the teaching tips or simply reflect on them.

Participants will have the option of keeping in touch via the Slack chat app between sessions to offer support to each other and continue the conversation after and before the sessions. Access to the chat app will be shared during the first session.

 PLC Schedule:

1. Instructors as FACILITATORS: Facilitating class discussions and supporting student achievement
2. Instructors as LEADERS and COLLABORATORS: Advocating for community building, equitable access and diverse student needs.
3. Instructors as LEARNERS and DESIGNERS: Exploring interactive practices and the role of creativity  4. Instructors as DIGITAL CITIZENS: Promoting information literacy and digital literacy
  • Meeting: on Thursday 03/25/2021 at 4:30-5:30PM
5. Instructors as ANALYSTS: Designing formative assessments and implementing metacognition
  • Meeting: on Thursday 04/05/2021 at 4:30-5:30PM

Send your questions about the PLC to higheredsig@watesol.org

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Spring 2021 Webinar Series - Call for Proposals

WATESOL is pleased to announce the call for proposals for our inaugural webinar series! 

Webinars will be hosted via Zoom and will be scheduled between February and May 2021 at a time convenient for the presenter and potential attendees. 

Proposals are due on January 31, 2021. 

Please read the proposal submission guidelines thoroughly and feel free to contact WATESOL’s Professional Development Co-Chairs at pd@watesol.org with any questions

Link to Call for Proposalshttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1pQF_1LvlzEv-OCkwGUjvdIn95NudSKpKEZfuYK8l_5U/edit?usp=sharing

Fall 2020

Conference Homepage     2020 CFP   Registration    Schedule and Sessions    Exhibitors  | 

Visit our Conference pages here:  https://watesol.org/2020Conference 

Registration Opens: September 21, 2020

The Call for Proposals has passed! Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal!

Summer 2020

WATESOLers Sharing Remote Learning Best Practices 

Calling for action!

As you reflect on the second half of the Spring term (Adult Ed, K-12, Higher Ed), you probably realize that you’ve tried out and implemented some pretty unique or super easy, yet, truly educational teaching practices or methods in order to keep your students engaged while learning remotely.

Would you be willing to share them with your fellow WATESOLers? 

You can share one or more of your tips and tricks! There is no limit! 

Please “show and share” one of your teaching practices through a video demonstration on Flipgrid. (Check out this Flipgrid tutorial first!) 

The video demo and related materials will be shared on the WATESOL website, too, under 'GROUPS' - Special Interest Groups.

These videos will be posted on the WATESOL website, on the WATESOL Facebook page, and on WATESOL’s Flipgrid.

If you'd like to participate, please add any of the following items to an organized Google Doc, send the doc link (check the sharing settings) to pd@watesol.org, AND add them to your Flipgrid video:

  • A task template

  • Worksheets or other materials 

  • YouTube or Zoom tutorial videos about the promoted online tool

  • A list of the pros and cons/caveats of the teaching practice or tool

Fall 2020

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