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Upcoming sessions

Date, time: Friday, March 31, 4:00-5:00 PM

Title: Engaging English Language Learners with Global Education

Presenters: Abby Watkins

Session Type: Workshop

Focus: K-12, Teacher training, Advocacy

Targeted Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Intercultural Communication

Session Summary: Develop students’ English language skills through experiential activities that explore disciplinary content (science and social studies) around global issues. Engage in role-playing simulations and collaborative problem solving that address environmental challenges and quality of life trends around the world. Receive lesson plans differentiated for different levels of language proficiency.

Register here: https://watesol.org/event-5204222

Date, time: April 8, Saturday, 2023 10AM

Title: Generative AI: An Inevitable Part of ESL Writing Classes?

Presenters: Krisztina Domjan, Susan George, Max Rhinehart

Session Type: Workshop

Focus: Adult education, Higher education, Bilingual education, Teacher training

Targeted Skills: Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Technology

Session Summary:In this workshop, participants explore the benefits of emerging generative AI tools as learning assets. Are students prepared to leverage newly developed online tools to enhance their learning experience? Presenters highlight possible engagement norms and discuss strategies with co-presenters and attendees while testing the programs out.

Promo video:https://animoto.com/play/eCuT1BrWteInk9ps3rchPg

Register here: https://watesol.org/event-5204239

Date, time: April 22 at 10:00 AM

Title: The Functional Language Approach for Mathematics: Focusing on Visuals

Presenters: Dr. Karen Terrell

Session Type: Workshop (90 min) 

Focus: K-12, Bilingual Education, Teacher Training

Targeted Skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing

Session Summary: WIDA (2020) has suggested the functional language approach across all content areas, including mathematics, to enhance the educational experiences of multilingual learners. We also know that visuals can improve our learners’ experience. This workshop will unpack what constitutes “visuals” and how they can best operate within functional-language approaches.

Register here: https://watesol.org/event-5204248

Date, time: May 5th, Friday, 3:00 PM

Title: #LoveOurLanguages: Elevating the Languages of Those We Serve

Presenters: Carly Spina

Session Type: Practice-Oriented Presentation

Focus: K-12, Advocacy

Targeted Skills: Intercultural Communication, Culturally Sustaining Practices

Session Summary:In this session, participants will explore tools and ideas for supporting an entire school system in developing appreciation, respect, and love for all languages in the community. This session will feature a resource bank full of templates for teachers to use, or share with colleagues the next day!

Register here: https://watesol.org/event-5210995

Date, time: Wednesday, May 17, 6:00PM

Title: Implementing a Transmodalising Pedagogy with PK-12 Multilingual Learners in Science Classroom

Presenters: Dr. Sujin Kim, Dr. Kathleen Ramos, Cynthia Graville, Xiaowen Chen (Sylvia) and Eden Langston

Session Type: Practice-oriented

Focus: K-12, Bilingual Ed, Teacher training, Technology

Targeted Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Intercultural Communication, Technology

Session Summary:This interactive webinar invites PK-12 teachers to explore how infographics can facilitate ways of learning STEM content and language with multilingual learners. Participants will discuss transmodalising practices, consider the implementation of infographic teaching, explore digital tools for learners to engage in multimodal representations, and be provided with students’ infographic examples.

Registration coming soon!

Date, time: June 3, 10 AM

Title: Developing transparent assignments to foster multilingual students’ academic success

Presenters:Ilka Kostka

Session Type: Workshop (75 min)

Focus: Higher Ed, IEP

Targeted Skills: Course design

Session Summary:

Is the “why and how” of your assignments truly clear and explicit to students? Together we will explore the concept of transparent assignment design by analyzing examples of assignments and developing ways of enhancing their transparency.

Registration coming soon!

Previous sessions

Date, time: March 4th, 10AM

Title: Teachers as Cultural Advisers

Presenter: Dr. Tuula Lindholm

Session Type: Workshop

Focus: Adult education, Higher education, Bilingual education, Teacher training

Targeted Skills: Intercultural Communication

Session Summary:Culture/s can often remain an elephant in the ESOL classroom unless we as teachers allow intercultural communication to become part of our practice. Culture is no longer just understood as being about ethnic/national differences but as a much more complex and dynamic process that involves our social identities, formed through association with and membership in several groups in our lives. For our students we are more than language instructors; we are also their cultural informants and trusted advisers as they are experiencing acculturation, i.e., transitioning from one culture to another. This workshop offers an opportunity to explore the meaning of these roles in ESOL teaching and share with others approaches and useful strategies.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0a3Ip7KCsA

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