Spring 2022 Events

WATESOL is pleased to announce the call for proposals for our second annual Spring Webinar Series!  We welcome proposals on any topic related to the learning and teaching of English as an additional language. For more information, please see the Call for Proposals. To submit a proposal, please see the submission form. Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis.

See below for the WATESOL 2022 Webinar Series Schedule!

WHEN: April 7 (Thursday): 6-7 PM

TITLE: User-friendly Corpus Tools to Support Vocabulary Development in Academic Writing

  • Presenters: Lily Lewis 
  • Session Type: Practice-oriented
  • Focus: Higher education, Intensive English Programs, Teacher training, Technology
  • Targeted Skills: Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Technology

Session Summary: Corpus tools help students develop self-editing skills, especially for word choice and collocations. This session will introduce the concept of a corpus and provide examples of how student writers can utilize corpus resources. Participants will explore two freely available corpus tools that are simple enough for learners to use independently. 

Register here: https://www.watesol.org/event-4760572

WHEN: April 30 (Saturday): 11-12 AM

TITLE: Create Materials for Authentic Sources Without Giving Up Your Entire Weekend

  • Presenters: Nancy Overman
  • Session Type: Practice-oriented
  • Focus: Adult education, Higher education, Intensive English Programs
  • Targeted Skills: Reading, Vocabulary, Technology

Session Summary: Creating materials to accompany authentic sources can seem daunting. Learn time-saving tips for creating worksheets, activities, and even tests to take advantage of content textbooks and articles. Strategies include having students create worksheet questions and study guides and using Diigo to embed vocabulary, grammar, and organization questions in a text.

Register here: https://www.watesol.org/event-4760577

WHEN: May 31 (Tuesday): 4-5 PM

TITLE: Implementing a Multiliteracies Pedagogy with PK-12 Multilingual Learners

  • Presenters: Kathleen Ramos, Sujin Kim, Joan Kang Shin 
  • Session Type: Practice-oriented
  • Focus: K-12 education, Bilingual education, Teacher training
  • Targeted Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Technology

Session Summary: This interactive webinar, led by experienced teacher educators, invites PK-12 teachers to explore how and why to embrace a multiliteracies pedagogy with multilingual learners. Participants will dialog around multiliteracies practices, consider concrete examples, explore digital tools for learners to engage in multimodal representations, and share ideas with other practitioners!

Register here: https://www.watesol.org/event-4760581

Contact WATESOL’s Professional Development Co-Chairs at pd@watesol.org with any questions.

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