The information in this section offers all WATESOL members the chance to understand and participate actively in the governance and mission of the association.

The WATESOL Revised Constitution was approved by membership vote in Summer 2017.

WATESOL is governed through Executive Board. The executive board meets 5 times a year and is responsible for upholding the tenets presented in the WATESOL Constitution, the requirements stated by TESOL for being a TESOL affiliate while also abiding by the best practices established for  501c3 organizations. 

Each board member has a role description.

Executive Board Members (2022-2023)

Position  Name  Affiliation

President - 1 year

Krisztina Domjan

American University

Vice President - 1yr transition to President

Melissa Hauke Fairfax County Public Schools

Vice President - 2 years


Treasurer - 2 years

Rebecca Mercado (1st year)
King Saud University

Recording Secretary - 2 years

Connie Patsalos (2nd year)

District of Columbia Public Schools

Membership Secretary - 2 years

Elissa Robinson (2nd year)
Fairfax County Public Schools

Members At Large (2022-2023)

Position  Name  Affiliation
Past President - 1 year
Greer Mancuso
Fairfax County Public Schools

 Communications Chair - 2 years

Tabitha Kidwell (1st year)
 American University
Professional Development - 2 years

Deborah Amidani Kimmel (2nd year)

Mayonne Granzo (1st year)

Kellie Corbett (1st year)

The Family Place, PCS

Georgetown University, Holyoke Community College

The Family Place, PCS

Newsletter Editors - 2 years

Marina Dewees (2nd year)

Kathleen Kearney (2nd year)

Fairfax County Public Schools

Georgetown University     

Advocacy Chair - 2 years

Lesley-Jane Dixon (2nd year)

Heather Mehrtens (1st year)


Maryland English Institute

K12 SIG Chair - 2 years
William Newman (2nd year)
DC Public Schools
Higher Ed SIG Chair - 2 years

Max Rhinehart (2nd year)

John Simpson (1st year)

American University

Legacy International

Adult Ed SIG Chair - 2 years

Ahri Lee (2nd year)

Vivian Njosa (1st year)

Montgomery College

Montgomery College

NNEST Caucus Liaison - 2 years

Maria E. Silva (2nd year)

District of Columbia Public Schools


Heather Tatton-Harris   

 Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

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