8:00-9:00 Registration/breakfast

9:00-9:15 President’s welcome 

9:15-10:00 Keynote speech

10:10-10:55 Session 1 (including 1st invited speaker session)

11:05-11:50 Session 2

12:00-12.40 Lunch and Exhibitor visits

12.45-1:50 Special Interest Group Roundtables in Ballrooms, Technology Tips/Posters 

2:00-2:45 Session 3 (including 2nd invited speaker session)

2:55-3:40 Session 4

3:45-4:00 Closing and Raffle

4:15 Happy Hour at Brookland Pint

Session Titles & Presenters

    Innovation with Digital Storytelling: Creating Multimodal Advocacy Spaces for Multilingual Voices, Polina Vinogradova, **Invited Speaker**

    Frames, Facts, and Stories: Advocating for Results in ESOL, Deborah Kennedy, **Invited Speaker**

    A Practice Review of Science Museum Programming for Multilingual Learners, Xinxin Wang

    Empowering Multilingual Learners in Science Education through Infographics: A Transmodalising Approach, Eden Langston, Xiaowen (Slyvia) Chen & Kathy Ramos 

    Engaging English Language Learners with Global Education, Abby Watkins 

    Engaging Students in Self-Assessment in College ESL Composition Classes, Nataliya Schetchikova

    Enhanced Grammar Instruction via CBI and the Flipped Classroom, Heather Mehrtens & Andrew Screen 

    Experimenting With AI in the Classroom: Guiding Students Toward a Critical-Thinking Approach, Leslie Sheen & Kathy Philpott Costa

    Using Digital Literacy to Connect Adult English Learners to Their Families and Communities, Cassandra Kramer

    From Classroom to Experience: Personalizing and Engaging a 2-week Curriculum for K-12 EFL Contexts, Dini Arini, Jihee Im, Hadir Alderaan, Tom Salsbury & Eugenie Mainake

    How TESOLers Can Utilize Coaching Skills for the Benefit of Learners, Julie Yoder & Carrie McKinnon

    I Have a Great Idea: The Nuts and Bolts of Writing an Effective Conference Proposal, Melissa Hauke

    Instructional Efficiency with ChatGPT: Traditional Meets AI-Assisted Teaching, Krisztina Domjan

    Online to In-Person: A Continuation, Ahlam Musa

    Preparing Your ESL Students for Their Next Job Interview, Mike Pina

    Reading Comprehension of Culturally Unfamiliar Texts: How Text-Relevant Video Segments Can Help?, Amirreza Karami

    Supporting ESL Learners in Online Classes, Kirsten Stauffer

    Transforming English Language Learning with Generative AI, Raymond O'Donnell 

    Using ChatGPT for a Critical Analysis Assignment in an EAP Class: Rationale and Outcome,

    Dmitri Stanchevici 

    ‘The Hidden Secrets of English Fluency Unveiled’: What English Learning Looks Like on YouTube, Sarah Knowles, Yu-Yu Chen & Jaelyn Jackson 

    Using Ted Talks to Promote Advanced Listening Comprehension and Speaking Skills, Marilyn K. Rahilly 

    The Power of 'Probable Passage': A Pre-Reading Strategy Helping Multilingual Learners Comprehend Grade-Level Texts, Kia Johnson, Exhibitor Session

    Empowering Teachers Abroad: Utilizing Needs Assessment Tools for Contextualized Training, Andrew Shannon & Melissa Hauke, Exhibitor Session

    Considering Grad School? The Professional Value of a MA in TESOL, Sarah Knowles & Polina Vinogradova, Exhibitor Session

    Exploring ways-To-Use-AI-powered tools, Darlene Fahrenkrug, Ahri Lee & Vivianne Njosa, Adult Ed SIG Session

    Panel discussion - Using AI as an instructional tool, Susan George, Kathleen Kearney & J.M. Paiz, Higher Ed SIG Session

    Generative AI and the K12 ESL Educator: Challenges and Opportunities, Lucas Torre, Felipe Kerschbaum & Marina Dewees, K-12 SIG Session

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